NHS Commission – Teenage Pregnancy

Earlier this year I teamed up with NHS Tayside and Whitfield Community Centre Healthy Living Initiative to deliver a series of informal workshops, discussions and creative engagement with a group of local women who wanted to make a positive change in their community. We were looking at some recent research carried out by the NHS into teenage pregnancy in Tayside, and we wanted to ask people in the community what these findings meant to them.

Part of my job was to translate some of the key findings of the research into creative resources, and so I made a series of illustrations, diagrams and short films all aimed at provoking meaningful discussion. These were then used to enable the group to make their own artwork and films, beautifully compelling work that really touched the deep emotions and struggles faced by young parents in Dundee.

In October this all resulted in an exhibition of photographs, artwork, films and a performance of an amazing play. This was a really interesting project to be involved in, and it is great to see the NHS doing this kind of work. I really hope I get to work with this group again!

nhs community consultation video