Nablus: Our Twin City | Final Films


I am delighted to finally be able to post the videos I made in Nablus online! There has been so much work, blood, sweat and tears poured into this project and I am happy to be showing it to the world!

There are three different films that came out of my time in the Middle East, to suit different purposes and audiences. The first two were made with my dear friend and extraordinary artist Jessica Ramm (please check out her work!!).

This first film follows the stories of people living in Nablus, asking them about daily life, struggles, celebrations and culture. Filmed during the olive harvest, the film depicts the importance of this season for Palestinians and the struggles they often face to bring this valuable harvest home. Featuring contributions from refugee children, the city’s mayor Ghassan Shaka’a, the Nablus Fire Department and many others, the film gathers a snapshot of what life is like for Dundee’s twin City.

This next film highlights what life is like for children and young people growing up in Nablus. Made in partnership with Craigie High School Dundee, it depicts the similarities and differences between Dundee and Nablus and demonstrates the important work the Modern Studies Department does in raising awareness, fundraising and building friendship and understanding between the two cultures.

Finally this last film tells the story of  two young Palestinians from Nablus, Rami Issa and Rafiq Zein Eddin who visited Dundee in 2010 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the twinning. This is a short film about their visit, depicting their impressions of their twin city. Rami and Rafiq explore Dundee and their own culture, commenting on the historic and contemporary ties between Scotland and Palestine. This film was shot by filmmaker Aurélien Godin and compiled and edited by myself.