Throwaway Society: Your Word

 This work was in an exhibition I was invited to take part in under the theme “Throwaway Society”, as part of a conference by the organisation SOLAS.
Work title: Your Word
Description: Framed pinhole photographs with added text
This work depicts two pinhole photographs of St. Peter’s Church in Dundee. The two accompanying texts “Excellent: there is nothing unchristian about UKIP’s family values” and “I have no interest in art after the beginning of the 20th Century” are statements made by members of SOLAS. 
In responding to the theme “Throwaway Society” I began to reflect on the throwaway nature of words perpetuated by the use of social media. It is so easy to make a statement, argument or counterargument, which quickly becomes lost in the vast sea of information pouring daily from our keyboards. The two statements made in this context took seconds, merely throwaway remarks, yet remain. I’ll take you at your word.
your word 1
 your word 2