Let Us Let Go – Documentary with Lucie Rachel

In Summer 2016 I was invited to collaborate with fellow artist Lucie Rachel, who I met through Tin Roof. Lucie is a lens based artist who makes very compelling documentaries sharing intimate stories from her own life. As well as helping to run Tin Roof, Lucie has been prolific in her filmmaking, completing a new short in the year after leaving art school in 2015 and already making experimental shorts ahead of her new film, Let Us Let Go, early in 2016. She was selected by Glasgow Film and See Me Scotland to make this documentary about her own experience of PTSD. Lucie asked me to be involved as a collaborator/producer, particularly due to my experience working in mental health and counselling, and I was excited to be taking part.

It was an incredible experience and Lucie’s film is now preparing to go on the festival. For more information on the film and where you can see it, please click here.

Our crowdfunding video (now closed) can be viewed here, and gives a good overview of our motivations for making the film.