Dundee Print Collective – Edition 2

During this year’s exciting Print Festival Scotland I took part in Edition Two of the Dundee Print Collective, exhibiting in the Hannah Maclure Centre at Abertay University. It was a great chance to try out screen printing again and I submitted a piece as part of my series on Iona. The finished prints are available from Dundee Print Collective for £20 each.

“Edition Two is an exhibition by Dundee Print Collective. DPC were formed in 2014 as a response to the creative foot print left on the city, by the ‘Impact 8 – International Printmaking Conference’ / Print Festival Scotland in 2013. It was initiated by a core group of Dundee based artists, who wanted to promote printmaking as a creative, educational and sociable medium, engaging not only artists but also individuals with no formal art training. It currently has over one hundred associated members of which thirty have created new limited print editions for the collective’s projects.
DPC’s projects follow a very simple format and remit; all works produced are screenprints, they are 64 x 38 cm in size, artists can use one colour and black or just black, content is the choice of the individual.
Working in close collaboration Dundee Contemporary Arts, who support the collective by allowing full access to their print facilities and technical expertise, DPC are building momentum  and esteem as they evolve and grow. In September this year the collective will be sharing their work to the city of Hangzhou in China as delegates and exhibitors at the Impact 9 International Printmaking Conference.
The exhibition marks the start of Print Festival Scotland, a festival which brings together a wide programme of exhibitions, workshops, events and activities in venues throughout Scotland including Dundee Contemporary Arts, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and Glasgow Print Studio.”

Details of the exhibition can be found here: http://hannahmaclurecentre.abertay.ac.uk/exhibitions.htmlsraid nam mariv